Sexual harassment by Lakers boys

#sexualharassment: Sexual harassment by Lakers boys. The investigation is going on to the Los Angeles Lakers on  the allegation of sexual harassment of the two women on Sunday night. Nick Young and Jordan Clarkson are the Lakers boys of whom an allegation  is that they sexually abused and harassed  them.   Incident took place on Sunday night around 7:30 p.m in Hollywood. Alexis Jones is an author and co-founder of nonprofit group “I AM THAT GIRL”. Her organization  motive is to empower women.

#harassment: Alexis Jones and her 68-year-old mother  stopped their vehicle at  the intersection near La Bea and Melrose avenues where an another jeep  came alongside their vehicle in which four guys were sitting. In that jeep Nick young and Jordan Clarkson, the Lakers Boys were also sitting. Men inside that jeep started yelling most disgusting  vulgar comments and sexual abuse towards her mother and on her. Guys  were hurting and insulting them  from their comments. They all were laughing.  Jones tried to stop them. This incident made her mother crying. She got hurt very badly. Alexis Jones says her life is dedicated to educating young men about respect not only women but to everyone. Their insulting and vulgar comments made me angry.

#feminism: After some time when Lakers boy’s group realized that they are being filmed by me then they got panicked and ran away from that place like cowards.  It was a great  shame that incident took place in the presence of famous personalities like Nick Young and Jordan Clarkson. Youngsters follow Lakers Boys. Nick Young and Jordan Clarkson were identified and now investigation on this matter is taken very seriously by the Lakers team. Lakers team is aware of matter so they will take decision wisely.



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